You live surrounded by Curiousers. Maybe you didn´t know our name, but we´ve always been there. You can be one of us without even realizing it. How can you distinguish us? How can you know if you are one of us?Do you want to know if you are part of the clan?.

We, the Curiousers, have a different way of looking at what surrounds us. That particular look provides us a special criteria and a very personal taste, which is part of our essence. It also makes us different. We are peculiar! We admit it and, even better, we enjoy it.

This strange word comes from the book Alice in Wonderland. At the beginning of chapter 2, Alice exclaims: «Curiouser and curiouser!»when she is surprised because of what happens to her body, as she starts to grow disproportionately after taking a bite of a cake with an “eat me” message written on it. Same as the Alice character created by Carroll, the Curiousers try always to keep alive our great capacity of wonder and our curiosity. We are like the child we once were; the child that keeps playing and enjoying within us.

We don´t care about how old we are. As Curiousers, we always try to be attentive to what surrounds us, and to look at everything with new eyes and without prejudices. We train our instinct to think, to understand and to be better in our work and our life. Better, but our way. We always keep our own way.

A Curiouser´s look encompasses everything. We have a peculiar way of perceiving art, decoration or fashion, always keeping our own style. In fact, our style is our personality and vice versa: our personality is our style. We don´t forget that our personality encompasses everything.

As said, we have always been there. We can be perfect strangers or international icons. There are many examples of perfect Curiousers, such as Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde or Iris Apfel. Do you need dozens of complements, feathers, flashy colors and XXL size glasses in order to be a Curiouser? Not necessarily, but it helps. If you wear the clothes you really want and you enjoy it, then you are a great Curiouser.

To sum up, the curiousers have our own way to look at things. We have our own perspective and a personal taste. Our personality is defined, but it inevitably evolves with the experiences we live and as time goes by. Same as Alice, the Curiousers can say the following at the end of the day: “I know who I was this morning, but I´ve changed a few times since then”.


The first recognized Curiousers have created a clan all together. We two are the weirdest and, therefore, the clan leaders. Who would choose a word such as “Curiouser” but us?

We are Pink Papesse and Lemon Diplomatic, the number ones, the very damn bosses, the leaders of the clan. We are usually called the Big Cheeses, and that name is perfect for us, because we are cheese addicts. We met when we were kids. More than friends, we can say we are like sisters. We are as different as a mini short and a pair of palazzo trousers, but we share all the essential values.

PINK PAPESSE is a garment freak and the artist of the clan. You can also call her Petronilla, but you better be careful if you do. She is the daughter of the Purple High Priestess, and has inherited her magical powers. She uses those powers to create the clan´s official clothing and to fight against the clan´s archenemy: the Demogorgons. Pink Papesse always carries her pink banner, which is usually decorated with sequins, feathers or/and raffles. She is always collecting and mixing every type of complements in her outfits, and she always wants more of them.

LEMON DIPLOMATIC is a book freak and the storyteller of the Three Kingdoms. Pink Papesse calls her Catherine the Great when she gets intense or pompous. She carries a yellow banner; better said, she carries a lemon-color banner, because, according to her, yellow is like having liver trouble or a digestive emergency. It is like in the film Reservoir Dogs, when Mr. Pink complains to Joe Cabott about his color by saying: “it could be worse; I could have been Mr. Yellow”. She has a more minimalistic style, and she is more ordered. Therefore, sometimes she is desperate by the excesses of her close friend.

Sparks often spring from the clash between India and Norway, but the mixture of pink with a lemon-acid touch also has a good side: a double mission for the Curiousers´ clan.

  • ● To create different pieces of clothing (Curiouser garments) for the members of the clan.
  • ● To keep discovering other Curiousers and to encourage them to join our movement.

In order to complete this double mission, we will be helped by the first Curiousers we have recruited:

  • THE WIZARDS are our couturiers: Wise Jo and Wise N. Also Wise Be, actually on a mission far away from the clan but we still hope she’s back with us soon.
  • THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: they are artists, designers and artisans which we connect with. We collaborate with them in order to create some very special garments: the Meet garments.
  • THE GANG is our circle of trust, our crew. Masters are included in this group, of course. Some of the people in this group are important members of the clan, and some others aren´t, but they are close to us for other reasons.
  • THE PURPLE HIGH PRIESTESS is the mother of Pink Papesse. She makes predictions, summons the spirits and prepares curative recipes in which she uses natural products and hidden powers. She also gives pieces of advice for the clan members if they ask her for; well, not only if they ask her for them.
  • THE SURICATE, the pet and the idol of the clan. Its kindness disappears as soon as it sees anything with wheels.
  • RELATIVES, such as uncles, cousins and other family members. The garments we create are also Curiousers, so they are part of the clan too. The outers are our Uncles and Aunties, the trousers are our Daddies, and the skirts are our Mammies. We also have the Ladies and the Misses: dresses and blouses, which are very important members of the clan.
  • THE MAGIC POTION: consists of the mixture of cheese and fresh white wine. The magic potion increases the power of the clan members when they drink it, and it is essential in every ceremony, ritual and celebration. There are some rebels in the clan who don´t like the potion. Those haters will have to prove by other means that they are worthy of the clan. That is because the potion and its ingredients are very important to us. In fact, the complements of the clan receive the names of our favorite cheeses and wines. They are our desserts.
  • THE ICONS: there are a series of celebrities (or characters) whose look is a reference for us. We borrow their names to baptize some garments of the clan. That is a tribute to the inspiration they give us.
  • THE DEMOGORGONS. they are the archenemies of the clan. They represent everything we hate and everything we want to avoid: nonsense or fake attitudes, vulgarity… and some other similar demons.


The mission will take place in three different queendoms:

  • QUEEN´S LANDING, whose capital city is WONDERLAND. is the land of the garments and complements designed by the clan leaders and made by the Wizards.
  • SECOND CHANCE ISLAND. This is the land of the secondhand products, which includes a CABINET OF CURIOUSITIES that is full of treasures.
  • MEETLAND, is the kingdom of the Masters of the Universe. Handmade garments and complements made by those and by the clan leaders are the most famous inhabitants of this queendom. That is why they are called Meets, as they come from Meetland.

The Three Queendoms have in common the good taste for finishings, details and personal touches. Everything has the Curiouser identity in the three queendoms.

Are they sustainable queendoms?

Can anyone not be sustainable at this point?





FOUNDATIONAL BOOK: Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll (preferably with pictures by John Tenniel).

INITIATION RITE: In order to enter the clan, we only ask that everyone knows and accepts their peculiarities and that they admit being different. They have to be proud of their distinctive identities.

Demogorgons are not admitted.

LAWS: Curiousers have laws, but our own way. We don´t get along well with rules, especially if they come from outside the clan. We prefer to do act our own way; that´s the Curiouser mentality. However, there are a series of principles we respect, and every member of the clan must do so. We don´t always follow them, but they are an essential reference: the Curiouser commandments.


  1. Don´t lose any chance. Everything around you is an opportunity to grow up: books, trips, movies, art. Choose what you like and don´t bore anyone with unnecessary life lessons.
  2. Try to look at things with different perspectives. Turn upside down. Why not? Maybe you get a bit dizzy, but don´t you see everything another way?
  3. Get impressed by things, like when you were 8 years old. You haven´t changed so much, you are just a bit older. Keep yourself motivated with everything.
  4. Truly listen to the people who care about you. Surround yourself only by those people whose words are worth to be heard.
  5. Be well-mannered, but don´t be anyone´s slave.
  6. Style has anything to do with good or bad taste. It is just about personality. Strengthen yours, because anything is more beautiful than being yourself.
  7. It´s ok if you contradict yourself. Try every way of being yourself. Play with each of those ways and change them if you feel you need to.
  8. Don´t give explanations. Don´t ask for them.
  9. Remember that there are no special days. It is always a good moment to wear feathers, sequins and raffles.
  10. Take everything frivolous seriously and face bad situations with a positive attitude.
  11. Never stop learning. That is the best anti-aging lotion.
  12. No matter how interesting what you leave behind is, look always to the future. Listen to Alice when she says: “I can´t go back to yesterday because I was a different person there”.
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