All the garments from The Curiousers are made in Spain, but we use tissues and complements from all over the world in the fabrication process. They are limited editions or even unique pieces. Our clan loves to customize each piece of clothing they make. We use all kind of buttons, as well as other kind of special ornaments.

Our brand-philosophy consists of creating small productions, because we want distinctive garments. They have to be special and unique, and that would not be possible if they were mass produced. Furthermore, we take care about sustainability by trying not to fabricate unnecessary stock. We reuse as much material as we can, in order not to waste anything and not to harm the environment. For the same purpose, our outer garments are almost always in one size. We use patterns designed for sizes from 38 to 42, so that they fit well in as many bodies as possible. Blouses, dresses and other tighter garments will be available in sizes I, II and III (corresponding to the usual S, M and L), or even only in two sizes: I/II and II/III.

HOW TO BUY you can see our entire online catalogue. The image gallery shows all the garments, ordered by type (blouses, dresses, outer garments, etc.) or by kingdom of origin (Curiousers kingdoms).). If you prefer, you can enter the catalogue by clicking on the left side of the screen and choosing the type or the kingdom of the garment you select.

The Curiousers is made up of three kingdoms. The first one is QUEEN´S LANDING, whose capital city is WONDERLAND. The inhabitants of Wonderland are the leaders of the clan and the Magicians. The second kingdom is called SECOND CHANCE ISLAND. This is the land of the secondhand products, which includes a CABINET OF CURIOUSITIES that is full of treasures. Finally, MEETLAND, is the kingdom where the clan leaders and the Masters of the Universe (designers and artists related to the clan) produce the Meet garments.

When you select any of the garments in our catalogue, you will have access to detailed information about them: price, composition, features, size and also some other curiosities. Besides, when a garment or a specific size of a product is not available in our stock, you will still have the possibility of buying it, thanks to our pre-sale service. In those cases, shipping times will be extended, due to the extra time we need to prepare the garment for you (10 days since you buy it).

If you want to purchase a garment add it to the cart. Then you can continue shopping or finalize your purchase by selecting Payment.

At any time you can consult your cart to see your selection of garments and you can add and / or remove garments as you wish.


International shipments:

We ship overseas. Charges goes from 10€ depending on the country of destination. You can always check your country rate during the shopping process. If you can’t find your destination area do please contact us through and we will provide you all details about shipping cost and delivery time according the shipping address.

Shipping issues:

We don´t usually have many issues with shipping. However, if the transport agency looses any box before delivering it to its destination, we quickly send a new one if it is possible. Otherwise, your money would be refunded, as well as the shipping costs, if there were any.


If you want to buy a garment and, despite the information provided you still have any more questions (exact measurements, materials, etc.) or if you want to see more pictures, don´t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you at, as well as in our WhatsApp number.

If you change your mind for any reason when you receive your order, you can change or return it during the next 14 days after your purchase (according to the 44th article of the Spanish Law 7/1996 on retail commerce We only ask you not to use the garments and to send them back with their packaging, original labels and accessories. Shipping costs are not included in returns & exchanges. Contact us at the WhatsApp number you can see in this page, or send an email to during the next 14 days after your purchase, and tell us your return or exchange request. We will explain you the steps you need to follow in order for you to return the garment to us. When we receive it again, we will check that the garment, the labeling and the accessories are in proper condition. If you do it correctly (and we are sure you will), we will send you the new garment you choose for the exchange or we will send you a coupon. In case you prefer us to refund your money, we will do it except for the shipping cost of the return operation. You can also make the new shipment on your own.


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